Friday, November 2, 2012

Just touching base.

This has been the first week ever, I think, that I haven't been able to produce any new work.

With Sandy coming through Sunday and Monday, with the cold and a boiler in the studio building that had inspection delayed due to the storm, with a trip this upcoming weekend to prepare, I've been in the studio but working on maintenance and finishing touches rather than new work.

Even during my one week vacation on the Outer Banks (much love to you guys there, and hope the recovery is swift!) I painted new work.

So, this week and weekend and into next week I am working on a 30 day novel with the National Novel Writing Month group ( which means writing 1500 words per day (approx.). Also, trying to produce small works for The Art League at The Torpedo Factory - 6 x 8 is the size limit(!!).

Wish me luck!

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