Friday, October 4, 2013

A Week in Paradise with an old friend

Hey everyone, Guess where I am!

I'm sitting by the pool in my friend's house in Miami and I'm here for five more days. ML has a great sense of style and an eye for color, and it sure shows in her house. She collects all kinds of art and carvings and knickknacks and puts them everywhere - everywhere!

I'll get back to that.

AND she runs a B&B through! For $50 per night (shared bath) you can book a stay right in Miami, central to everything and on a bus/metro line! Check it out: The Library Room at Maria-Luisa's.

I'm in the room called Welcome to Paradise. And you can't have that room until I'm gone!

AND she can serve the best coffee in the morning that I've ever had! (She's trying to teach me so I can take it home with me - more on that later, too.)

For now, just check this out: