Monday, November 19, 2012

All three cats checked out the living room...

Thank goodness the weather isn't too bad. I've been leaving the door open to the living room and putting their food bowls inside. The three cats, each separately, have come inside, eaten, and checked out part of the living room. Now that's progress! Too bad I accidentally erased the photos I'd taken, or I could show you. Oh well. Next time.

On the painting front, I am busy reinventing the wheel, once again. It sure feels as if I am learning something new about my own painting, and being able to apply that to my work. I do acknowledge that most of what I am learning has been learned by every painter in the history of painting - either on his/her own as I am doing, or through being taught rules and ways of doing things.

So, you ask, why don't I just take some classes and learn some of these rules?

Good question.

My work is very susceptible to influence by others, either by teaching and seeing. It is something I fight against constantly. Without attention, I would pick up other artists' styles and subjects and make them my own. Being influenced by others in the field is a hazard of creativity. It can be very helpful, but, in my opinion, it can also replace an individual's effort and singular vision. Balancing inspiration and autonomy is a constant effort.

Cotton Ball Clouds, 30 x 40

Roadside II, 18 x 36

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