Sunday, November 25, 2012

Open Studios coming up next Sunday

With space in the studio at a premium, I have decided to discount many of my paintings in an attempt to make room for the newer work. Many of them are favorites. But with new canvases needing to be stored, I would rather they find homes with appreciative buyers than just linger in the storage racks.

If you are in town and want to cover the walls of your home with original paintings, come by The Jackson Art Center (link below) in Georgetown and up to the second floor in the turret room.

Sunday, December 2nd
12 noon to 5 p.m.

The Jackson Art Center

Studio 18B

These paintings are NOT being discounted!

Stone Wall

The Nature of Flight

Twilit Field

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Painting and the ravages of time

Just read an article about acrylic paints and their conservation. Since they are relatively new to the art world, their needs are just beginning to be understood.

But as a painter, I expect my paintings to change over time, and actually welcome it. They are a part of the changing world, and should reflect this. 

I think I wrote about time participating in a work of art previously. 

If the painting changes, if colors are altered by exposure to light and heat, if surfaces flatten or droop, that's what time will do to anything, living or not. And my purpose in painting has always been to catch a living moment. If that moment moves on in my painting, well, I am willing to consider that a total success. 

Go evolution!

Autumn Field, 30 x 30

Monday, November 19, 2012

All three cats checked out the living room...

Thank goodness the weather isn't too bad. I've been leaving the door open to the living room and putting their food bowls inside. The three cats, each separately, have come inside, eaten, and checked out part of the living room. Now that's progress! Too bad I accidentally erased the photos I'd taken, or I could show you. Oh well. Next time.

On the painting front, I am busy reinventing the wheel, once again. It sure feels as if I am learning something new about my own painting, and being able to apply that to my work. I do acknowledge that most of what I am learning has been learned by every painter in the history of painting - either on his/her own as I am doing, or through being taught rules and ways of doing things.

So, you ask, why don't I just take some classes and learn some of these rules?

Good question.

My work is very susceptible to influence by others, either by teaching and seeing. It is something I fight against constantly. Without attention, I would pick up other artists' styles and subjects and make them my own. Being influenced by others in the field is a hazard of creativity. It can be very helpful, but, in my opinion, it can also replace an individual's effort and singular vision. Balancing inspiration and autonomy is a constant effort.

Cotton Ball Clouds, 30 x 40

Roadside II, 18 x 36

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back to work

Some quick comments about the election.

It's over!
This is a large nation, full of diversity. We see things differently.
Our strength lies now, and has always been found in, our willingness to live side by side with those who have different beliefs and ways of living.

Our media have another raison d'ĂȘtre.
For the most part, they are in this to make money.
Remember that, fellow citizens, when the reporting comes to anger with each other, secession talk, religious differences, and future direction of our country.

There are more things we believe in together than things that divide us. The most important: this great nation of ours whose greatest purpose is to protect us from those who would deny our individual ability to pursue our dreams. The way in which we go about preserving this quality of our nation differs, but the goal is the same for the most part.

'Come together'.

Back to art.

I've been having continuing success with my plan to pursue my painting.

The painting itself - in other words, the act of painting and the manner in which the tools are used - is the key to successful work. The subject matter can be irrelevant.

I've been painting landscapes such as fields and trees and sometimes streams, that are completely generic. And they are helping me to reach my goal of illuminating the glorious in the everyday.

Hope that is obscure enough.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Just touching base.

This has been the first week ever, I think, that I haven't been able to produce any new work.

With Sandy coming through Sunday and Monday, with the cold and a boiler in the studio building that had inspection delayed due to the storm, with a trip this upcoming weekend to prepare, I've been in the studio but working on maintenance and finishing touches rather than new work.

Even during my one week vacation on the Outer Banks (much love to you guys there, and hope the recovery is swift!) I painted new work.

So, this week and weekend and into next week I am working on a 30 day novel with the National Novel Writing Month group ( which means writing 1500 words per day (approx.). Also, trying to produce small works for The Art League at The Torpedo Factory - 6 x 8 is the size limit(!!).

Wish me luck!