Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back to work

Some quick comments about the election.

It's over!
This is a large nation, full of diversity. We see things differently.
Our strength lies now, and has always been found in, our willingness to live side by side with those who have different beliefs and ways of living.

Our media have another raison d'ĂȘtre.
For the most part, they are in this to make money.
Remember that, fellow citizens, when the reporting comes to anger with each other, secession talk, religious differences, and future direction of our country.

There are more things we believe in together than things that divide us. The most important: this great nation of ours whose greatest purpose is to protect us from those who would deny our individual ability to pursue our dreams. The way in which we go about preserving this quality of our nation differs, but the goal is the same for the most part.

'Come together'.

Back to art.

I've been having continuing success with my plan to pursue my painting.

The painting itself - in other words, the act of painting and the manner in which the tools are used - is the key to successful work. The subject matter can be irrelevant.

I've been painting landscapes such as fields and trees and sometimes streams, that are completely generic. And they are helping me to reach my goal of illuminating the glorious in the everyday.

Hope that is obscure enough.


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