Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sitting out the heat

Using Mark's technique of working on several things turn and turn about, I put up a piece of paper and began a mixed media (oil stick and acrylics) of a guitar player. Then canvases of landscapes. These canvases were forlorn, unsuccessful previous attempts at paintings, and this time they were successful (I think anyway at first look). See below.

So Saturday and Sunday I've been taking time off! Running around delivering paintings to Ashland on Friday. Saturday over to my brother's house to clean out the koi pond filter and feed the fish and pick up the mail. Today, Sunday, running back over there to get the envelope of mail that I'd forgotten, and just chilling at home while it breaks the 95ยบ mark outside with what must be huge humidity - really unbearable.

Sure feels good to take time off. When you're self-employed you never really get time off unless you carve it out on purpose, which is what is happening today. Inside, in the air conditioning, is the place to be today.

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