Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On Again/Off Again

If only I could figure out what spurred me to be productive and what caused the painter's slumps. I could package it and sell it!

Slowed down now for a couple of weeks - as you will be able to tell from looking at this blog. Still working on integrating that new style with the relatively representational images I like to produce. I refuse to accept the idea that it must be one way or the other!

In the meantime, critter sitting for my brother: 2 betta fish in separate bowls, 1 dwarf hamster and 2 gerbils. Amazing what fun it is to interact with these little things. Even the fish come looking for you when you are near their bowls. Of course, I'm sure that's all to do with the possibility of getting something delicious to eat, but what does it matter what is the motivation? It's still an interaction between different species.

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