Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heat Wave!

So, already I've missed my own mark on the 'once a day' entries. But here we go:

On Tuesday I dropped my entry hopefuls at The Art League of the Torpedo Factory and went on down to the studio.

In the studio by 11 am, and it was hot, hot, hot! But I got two fans going, and in the North West corner of the building I don't get direct sun until much later in the day. Even with those advantages, two hours later I called it quits, put away the paints, and headed for home.

Before I got anywhere near, I changed my mind and went on over to the Greenspring Park in Annandale. If you haven't been there yet, you should definitely give it a visit. My main reason for going was that they have art shows regularly, and I wanted to see the work of Penny McGrath, an artist who has taught some of my good artist friends in the area.

The show is well worth going to see. It is an hommage to Queen Anne's Lace.

Along the way, I walked through the park, beginning with a walk past two large ponds, with a stream running past on the other side of the pathway. The path led up into the woods that fill much of that part of the park.

Of course, I was taking pictures along the way.

With the heat glaring down from the sky, the overwhelming impression of the wooded park was of coolness. The trees are huge! I had forgotten how very large trees can get - we manage them into lesser significance everywhere. These trees towered. The shade they cast was deep. A breeze blew through the shade.

On the one side, cleared land with a path and the sun beating down unobstructed. The air felt as if it were escaping an oven.
On the other side, the shade of the trees and a breeze that cooled.

Temperature difference at least 10ยบ.

How can anyone dispute humanity's contribution to global warming? What is the percentage of forest that we have scraped off the face of the Earth? What is the percentage of asphalt and tar that we spread around everywhere?


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