Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's harder than I thought to get something together that's worth writing down.

Here's a newish thing: painting the same scene once again, separated by lots of time - or not much time at all. Each successive successful painting is harder to come by. See below: Geraniums 2012, and Geraniums 2012 II.

Geraniums, my favorite flowers. And I like the orange red ones too. Can't grow them outside from year to year, so I bring some of them inside over the winter. By the time they are ready to go out again, they have performed all kinds of maneuvers in trying to keep alive. Some limbs are stretched out, reaching for the light that is hard-to-come-by in my house. Some limbs have stopped growing entirely, with just the light green color of the stem to show it's still alive.

Then, when they go outside again, and produce flowers, they are interesting in shape and the flowers stick out all over the place.

I like these much better than the well-behaved geraniums I have to start with each year from the nursery.

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  1. Love the freshness of these flowers. The white space sets them off beautifully.
    I will enjoy your blog. You write well of the artist experience.