Monday, March 12, 2012

About the process...

This is a really hard part - doing the fix-it-up work to make the painting ready for transport. Since I move all my own paintings in my trusty little mini-van, I can't blame anyone else for damage. So, when I was working with oils, I started stapling a foam core backing onto the stretcher bars, to ensure nothing would hit them from the back. Oils in particular, when dry, are vulnerable to bumps on the back of the canvas.

When I moved to acrylics, I continued doing the backing, because I find it provides a sense of security and adds a bit of weight (physical and mental) to the finished product.

So, today, painting around the gallery wrapped edges, stapling on the foam core, and putting on hangers and wire.

Hard work, and not much fun. But necessary.

And I still did get a bit of painting in:

Comes the Flood, 40 x 40

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