Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tai Chi and Beginner's Luck

Learning Tai Chi helps understand some of the difficulty people face when they take up an activity and perform it beautifully at the very beginning.

I just jumped into Tai Chi a year ago by entering a class and copying what the teacher was doing. This method was great for me. I am observant, and a natural mimic, and was able to begin to memorize the forms relatively quickly. But then come the refinements: heel down first, shifting weight after the motion, hand position, and more.

Now, a year later, I'm beginning to incorporate these elements.
And I'm thinking about painting.

When I began trying out this new style of painting late last year, the first results were beyond anything I could have expected. They were truly inspiring for me. Two and some months later, I'm having to work much, much harder to achieve results I like.

It's the difference that intent brings. Intentional results require knowledge firstly of how that result can be achieved. When the desired result came about through experimentation and perhaps sheer luck, finding that result again is very difficult.

So, that's where the hard work comes in.

High Tide, 36" x 36"

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