Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Ongoing Seduction of the Stray Mama Cat

So, after the loss of her little tortoiseshell kitten, the Mama Cat has moved her other surviving baby(ies) somewhere pretty far away. We haven't seen them since.

The Mama, however, is coming regularly, once a day, to be fed in the back yard. And I'm using the Saint Exupéry method of taming her. Each day I put the food a bit closer to me. Also, I'm tempting her with nice, high-dollar wet food and have just discovered a flavor she really loves. She ate the first offering, then backed away while I put some more out, and did the same a third time. Stayed and ate the entire can full!

Reports will continue on this long-term project. We are hoping to be able to get her, and her babies, inside before winter comes.

Here is Jane's Bucky in a Field of Daisies:

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  1. I so LOVE it! Lisa captured my happy Bucky-boy. Don't you love that doggy smile? Thanks so much Lisa. :o)