Saturday, December 8, 2012

You go, Green Hill!

An unexpected trip to North Carolina coming up. I have to replace the three paintings I had left there as they have all been sold! I have wanted, all my professional artist life, to hear those words: "we've sold out" and now I have. In addition, those three paintings are representative of my new style, which is great validation of the direction my painting is taking lately.

And, they have posed a question that I am having fun asking myself:
Am I an abstract painter?

I have never considered myself to be an abstract painter, although others, looking at my work, have deemed it to be abstract. In fact, what I think about my work is that I paint mostly scenery in an abstract style.

There's always some "there there" (paraphrasing Gertrude Stein) in my paintings, and I still want to maintain that property. But I don't want to give it all away to the viewer. I want the person looking at my work to see more than I've put there, I want to draw them in with their own vision.

Anyway, validation and incentive both. Thanks Green Hill Center for NC Art.

The Three Sisters

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