Thursday, December 27, 2012

Surviving the Holidays

These are times full with family and friends, and getting in to work becomes harder. Since the middle of December, I have been in only half as often as usual, producing less as well.

However inspired I am, I must also be in the mood to paint - or maybe they are the same thing (?). Hmmm. I think this is a bit of a mystery. Lately I have been inspired by the concept of having the 'quality of the act of painting' be the determining factor in a good painting. Wow that's cumbersome. Okay. Reworking: Lately my inspiration has been found in the way I paint, not so much in what I am painting. But by itself, that's not been enough to sustain my work over these days of holiday obligations. I'll go in, set up, pull out photos and canvases, putter around, waste paint, then close up shop and head out with nothing good to show. Day after day. Now and then, I am able to concentrate enough to finish something I like. When I can't, I spread the unused paint on a blank canvas and leave, to try again the next day.

Anyway, Christmas gift "Naomi and Clifford":

Cannot take credit for the composition. Naomi's Mom gets that.


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