Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seeing and really getting...

Back to the "How and What do we See?" thread.
Spent hours yesterday in the studio. A full week of beach in my mind and hundreds of pictures to choose as inspiration and direction.
What was the result?
Flat, boring, not at all what I wanted.
But if you compared it to the picture I was using, it wouldn't be too far off. Except that it didn't give any of the feel I was looking for.
So, once again, seeing, in all its many meanings.
When I paint a successful painting, the person looking at that painting might not really be sure just what, exactly, it is they are looking at. But they should be able to tell that it is (for example) landscape with ocean and clouds. Dunes with sea grasses. A sunny day, or a day with wind.
And what I hope to communicate is the sense of place and perspective. Perhaps a sense of serenity. Certainly the sense of a bigger world than the one we limit ourselves to every day in order to function as needed.
An unsuccessful painting - well, that's what I produced yesterday. A scene without feeling or connection.
I'll try again today.

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