Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Here there is no silence.

There are birds
sending out their evening calls
and a distant mower.
Cars fire up
and children play.

A cat purrs.

No such thing as silence.

All the shows are over! All the work is done. My mind is a blank, just running idly through the past few months, and I am giving myself some time off.

Whether it is my work, or the economy, I did not have any sales through these shows this spring. So I did wonder about pricing. But I am very happy with the work I am producing right now, and am not willing to spend time trying to figure out how to make things that I can price low enough to entice people to buy.

The way I figure it, my prices are very reasonable. If a buyer knows about art and likes my work, he or she will know the pricing is reasonable and will make a decision accordingly. I cannot influence the decision in any way other than making my best work.

On to bright things. The opening night at Artomatic was fun and well attended. As I was leaving, the women's Brazilian drumming group put on a show out on the front lawn, and that was great!

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