Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keeping Up

Wow! Ten days since the last post. Not that I have had anything interesting to say.

Once again, the doldrums descended - brought on this time by having too much to do! Getting ready to hang the show in Vienna (at the Frame Factory) on Sunday - Oops - Forgot! I'm picking work up from Ashland on Saturday.

Fairfax Art League Village Gallery hanging on Thursday next.
Opening in Vienna on Friday the 4th, from 4-9.
Torpedo Factory the 8th.
Pick up from the Philip Carter Winery on the 9th.
And somewhere during these two weeks I will have to paint and hang something for Artomatic!

Thank goodness there will be a couple of weeks free then to concentrate on the JAC Open Studios on May 20th (after the closing reception in Vienna on the 19th).


Coastal Road III

Shore, Lucky to be Backed by Cliff

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