Sunday, February 12, 2012

As an Introduction...

All my painting is strictly visual, always based on something seen. But now, years into working as a painter, I find that words are inserting themselves. Not in the painting, but in the reasons for the paint and the scraping and the color choices. And I don't know what to do with that.
So, here are some words that will go along with the Studio work.
If this makes sense, then perhaps I'm not doing it correctly...

Studio Story

Big room.
Where once the elementary kids recited lessons and
their teacher's pencils scratched along their notebooks
- chalk squeaking on the board -
I shuffle through my sheets for inspiration
searching for the first or only topic for the day,
and sorting through to find auspicious acreage.
The easel holds the ground in waiting.
And water in the jar
and colors on the palette.
the brush -
the knife!
clawing across the virgin (or not so) shore
like waves of clutching fingers
grasping for immortality
and lucky if they last beyond the space of time it takes
to dip and scrape and brush
once more.

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  1. Lovely Poem Lisa, The old building is proud of holding you I am sure.