Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I hate rejection!

To renew or not to renew, that is the question.

This past year has been completely frustrating for me at The Art League in Alexandria. Month after month my best offers have been rejected. Most of the time, the final chosen show has been filled with very good art, and usually that is enough to make me swallow my pride and appreciate the show. But this past year has had a few other elements to it: no impressionism!; many, many white matts and framed pieces; and one theme after another. The themes have not been in subject matter. They have been for style.

So answer me this. As an artist who has spent years working to develop a particular style (even when that style changes occasionally it is still my own as much as I can make it) why and how should I be involved with an outfit that apparently doesn't want the expertise I have developed? I cannot make myself produce to their themed styles because that's not the way I paint!

In addition, although I term my style 'expressive', it has elements of impressionism to it. And for a long time now The Art League show has been virtually impressionism-free territory.

So has my style gone out of fashion? For those who think there is only 'good' art and 'not so good' art, I hate to disillusion you, but the art world is just as prone to fads and prejudice as any other field of human endeavor.

One last point: I really hate that I am such a sour grapes, sore loser person! Yet month after month, that is what I have to face up to here…

The Singer 30 x 40

Banyan Mystique 36 x 36

Rise and Shine 36 x 48

Seated Woman 30 x 40

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