Monday, March 11, 2013


Parkinson's law is alive and well. As I recall, its main message could be boiled down to: "paper begets paper".
How true this remains.

In this great nation, whose purpose is to give individuals the wherewithal and space to pursue their dreams (thereby enriching the entire human race), the same tendency holds sway - every perceived wrong must be addressed with a law or legal ruling that will apply in all circumstances that remotely approximate the original wrong.
We allow for no common sense approaches to judging individual events. And yet, every event is individual.

Consider the homeowner's association that went heavily into debt fighting to impose ludicrously minor rules. Consider the homeowners who brought that association to its knees by being unwilling to mediate their differences.
All have lost. The association must sell what was the community's central green space in order to pay its legal fees. The homeowners - not only the litigants - will lose their open space. I expect their community spirit is already destroyed.

Consider our larger community. We debate and argue and battle ideas to death. Then we vote. The vote should bring some sense of accomplishment or compromise. At least we are supposed to honor the vote.

So what the _______________ is going on now?

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