Sunday, January 6, 2013

No Fair!

Why can't inspiration last?

Just when I get to thinking that I know what I want and how to get it, poof! It's gone!

That field with trees and sky is getting hard to paint now, and I thought I had a subject that would last for a lifetime. But no. Now the fields are getting boring, too picky, too fussy, and the tree line is not interesting enough - the trees have become too solid and discrete - no fun edges and overlapping colors. The sky - almost always light if not white in color. Originally, I'd thought I could vary the colors wildly. Make the sky purple and the trees yellow and the field red and green or red or green. But most of that didn't work. I got perhaps five paintings - maybe six - out of the field, and now I'm right back where I was, sorting through old photos trying to get inspiration, sigh.

Anyway, I suppose it's somewhat like the change of seasons. If all you had was paradise for weather, you'd get bored and wouldn't appreciate it after a while (at least I will keep telling myself that as I struggle back to the studio tomorrow).

Wish you were here...

Nectar of the Gods


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